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  • The Second Meeting of Local Governments for Biodiversity

    14.11.2011 | Categoría: Biodiversidad

    The issues in the Second Meeting of Local Government for Biodiversity and the winners projects of Second Contest for the increase of the Biodiversity that outlined here, they show the commitment and the good work of Local Governments in the protection and conservation of nature.

  • 3rd Local Government Meeting on Biodiversity

    14.11.2011 | Categoría: Biodiversidad

    This publication is a show of work that the Network is developing to promote to increase of the biologic diversity, the establishment of ecological corridors, connectivity and the safeguarding of ecosystems.

  • Local Strategy and system of indicators for the conservation and increase of Biodiversity 

    30.09.2011 | Categoría: Biodiversidad

    The strategy set down in this book has been designed as the basic tool for local governments to implement -within the characteristics of their area, interests and responsabilities- diverse local plans for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, focusing in all events the potencial biodiversity management targest on the characteristic or emblematic elements of the natural environment that predominate in their areas, on the basic of which the diverse actions for conservation or sustainable biodiversity use could be prioritised. Nonetheless, one of the priorities of the strategy is to raise public awareness of the commitment to the protection of biodiversity, showing that it does not belong to anybody in particular but rather, that it is the property of all of us, since everybody has the right to biodiversity in the best possible natural conditions, just as we have clean air or water.

  • First meeting on Biodiversity between Local Governments

    30.09.2011 | Categoría: Biodiversidad

    In this book you can see the interventions and local experiences in the “First Meeting on Biodiversity between Local Governments”, that held on July, the 2nd and 3rd, 2008, in Jaen.

    This meeting served to create a forum for exchange of views, experiences and projects, in which political and technical representatives of Local Authorities participated.

    With this publication, the Network of Local Governments +Biodiversity, as section of Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Province, aims to create a framework that would support and encourage local bodies that begin to take their first steps in defending biodiversity.

    In this book are collected actions for both the conservation of habitat and the protection of species, without ignoring the need for collaboration and coordination with international organizations, which aim to halt biodiversity loss.


  • ESTRATEGIA LOCAL y Sistemas de Indicadores para la Conservación y el Incremento de la BIODIVERSIDAD

    04.05.2011 | Categoría: Biodiversidad

    La Estrategia Local y Sistema de Indicadores para la Conservación y el Incremento de la Biodiversidad se configura como la herramienta básica de los Gobiernos Locales incluidos o no en la Red de Gobiernos Locales +Biodiversidad para implantar, en el marco de sus características territoriales, intereses y responsabilidades, distintos Planes Locales de Conservación y Uso Sostenible sobre la Biodiversidad.